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Owning a Vita Spa is not only soothing, but also very smart. A Vita Spa is not an ordinary purchase, but an investment. An investment in your well-being and that of your family. An investment that will provide endless enjoyment and happy returns for many years to come.

Vita Spa - 100 and 300 Seriesfrom £3,695

The 100 and 300 Series are our entry level spas aimed at customers purchasing their first spa that are looking for a straight forward hot tub but still with solid construction at a great price. They are all 1 pump spas ( except Elegant ) that will run on just a standard household 13amp socket for easy low cost installation. Even our 100 & 300 Series Spas come with our great, award winning, Bluemaax insulation to give you exceptional heat retention for low running costs.

100 Series

Vita Spa Forte Hot Tub


5 Seats / 22 Jets

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Vita Spa Image Hot Tub


4 Seats / 22 Jets

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Vita Spa Voeux Hot Tub


5 Seats / 28 Jets

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300 Series

Vita Spa Duet Hot Tub


2 Seats / 15 Jets

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Vita Spa Amour Hot Tub


2 Seats / 23 Jets

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Vita Spa Cirque Hot Tub


5 Seats / 16 Jets

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Vita Spa Intrigue Hot Tub


5 Seats / 33 Jets

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Vita Spa Elegant Hot Tub


5 Seats / 39 Jets

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Vita Spa - 500 Seriesfrom £4,995

The 500 Series are generally slightly larger spas with more features, more massage and a higher build quality for those customers wanting something with a bit more power and performance. Standard on the 500 & 700 Series is our galvanised Steel Frame which is 250% stronger and 50% lighter than the industry standard wood frame. All our 500 Series (except Trio) have an MP3 Surround Sound stereo system with 2 Shell Speakers and Sub Woofer for a truly great quality sound.

Vita Spa Trio Hot Tub


3 Seats / 19 Jets

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Vita Spa Joli Hot Tub


4 Seats / 44 Jets

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Vita Spa Monarque Hot Tub


6-7 Seats / 49 Jets

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Vita Spa Prestige Hot Tub


6 Seats / 52 Jets

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Vita Spa Envie Hot Tub


6 Seats / 54 Jets

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Vita Spa Grand Hot Tub


6-7 Seats / 53 Jets

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Vita Spa - 700 Seriesfrom £9,995

The 700 Series are the ultimate in spas, packed full of features, more power, complete water management systems, Sony stereo systems, unrivaled all over massage and outstanding construction. Standard on the 700 series is a Bio-Zone Water Care system that gives unrivalled sparkly clean water and easy maintenance. Our Surround Sound Stereo has MP3 with Poly Planar Shell Speakers and sub-woofer. Whatever the mood the Sound System has it covered. For the real spa lovers that want the very best!

Vita Spa Chateau Hot Tub


5-6 Seats / 45 Jets

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Vita Spa Nuage Hot Tub


6-7 Seats / 46 Jets

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Vita Spa Cabaret Hot Tub


6-7 Seats / 56 Jets

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Vita Spa Fontaine  Hot Tub


6 Seats / 51 Jets

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Vita Spa Rendezvous Hot Tub


6 Seats / 73 Jets

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Vita Spa Mystique Hot Tub


6 Seats / 57 Jets

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Vita Spas Hot Tubs WhatSpa? Approved 2016

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Vita Spa 300 Series

Vita Spa 500 Series

Vita Spa 700 Series


Due to the various options that are available for each hot tub model, we cannot provide any exact prices for these spas. To configure your ideal spa, call us on 01974 241 642 or fill out our contact form.

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